Do we really need the game to be this convoluted?

I basically just came here to vent and I know I’ll get people jumping on me saying ‘if you don’t like it don’t play’, but I’ve been here since day one and love this game. It just makes me sad to see everything getting so outrageously confusing and chore like. I took a couple days break from the game after the last event I grinded for nothing. I load in and it’s yet more collectibles, more guessing games for how u get them and what I need to get the next one. If I load the game and can’t even see a clear path to play it, is it really that good a game? I’m not stupid, and yes I could figure it out or google it, but don’t they want this game to be fun anymore? There are far too many collectibles in this game and I could be at peace with having each sclass have its own token, but it’s all the different tokens that you need to collect for get them that’s complicating things. I can no longer keep track and I feel like if I wanted to it would be a full time job to do so. Anyways, there’s my feedback scopely. I’m going to sit out the ‘Christmas’ event, doesn’t seem like I’d make it anyway. Gone are the days when you did a simple roadmap that you could farm or a tournament and you got ur reward. Thanks for listening anyhows, and don’t worry about commenting derisively about how this is just my problem and y’all are doing just fine, I get that.


I think the more convoluted they make things the more they can dupe people into spending or thinking theyve got a shot at rewards without spending. Also it probably helps whoever designs them keep their job bc they are doing SO much extra work.


Let’s be real you arent missing much not doing this awful event unless that 6 is a difference maker to you. They can throttle those cards like they have done with raulito and made it a slow road for ftp. By the time princess is s class for ftp she will be mediocre at best.


More worryingly, it’s so unclear how many of the bears you can get for free and where from that it’s unclear if you need to spend. Ppl are more likely to spend if it’s spaced out, rather than a mass panic at the end when it’s obvious you’re very very short and it will obviously be expensive to finish the card collection.

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Easy way: collect 1000 elf hats and get 1 teddy bear.

Scopely way: collect 1000 elf hats, - exchange them for 3 tickets using missions menu, use those tickets as energy for special roadmap renewable every 2 hours, - and get 1 teddy bear.

Why do we even need those ticket things?
For this event to look bigger than it is?


Scopely has a clear path, it’s just not the path players want…
Every event has been focused on forcing the player base to burn off all there resources, trainers, cans, gear, while adding (convoluting) even more items.
This path they hope will force players to start or continue to spend more


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