Do we need another S.L.U.T. before war?


Why change the weekend schedule? War should start Friday and run through Sunday, doesn’t appear that is what we are getting this time around.


In this case I say yes this is a good thing since we will have 2 events to gain more rtp tokens instead of just 1. Plus since we had 2 blitz wars this week and everyone seems pretty unhappy about matchmaking a shorter war seems like a good thing for this weekend. In general though this would be a bad move to make this a permanent change, I just think it’s ok for this weekend based on the things I stated.


Should it, though? Scopely thinks otherwise.


i likes it. two days of war is plenty to burn people out and multiple days of level up bores me too. nice change I think but do wish we would have kept war until the following weekend. three wars in a week is burnout. people have lives outside the game too lol