Do we keep our bonus level in Leagues after season 1?

Nobody asked this question yet, so figured I should ask. Does our league bonus reset or does it stay the same each season start?

theres nothing about it on previous threads so i’d say no,

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That sucks.

Can you elaborate on what the league bonus is?cuz im afraid i haven’t heard of it or maybe its called something else,maybe a ss?

I didn’t get it too

The league bonus is the amount of trophies you earn plus a multiplier based on your team grade and trophies.

If you’re S7++ or higher your earn 3.0+ for every player you defeat.

Hmm i don’t see why it shouldn’t stay the same

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The Team Grade bonus is bound with your actual, highest graded team, and remains with you throughout the various seasons.


The god has spoken

Thanks you good man for quickly answer

He only replies to easy ones, don’t feel special


Thank you :grin:

But answer quickly it’s a good progress

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