Do u still think Piper is obtainable for the average FTP

It beginning to feel like even if u grind your ass off she’ll still be out of reach. What do u guys think?


Highly unlikely, nor is she worth spending for either.


I already have her and I only bought the offer in the champions region for 1 crossbones I grinded hard for the rest of the stuff


Ah ok. Well I honestly can’t really be bothered to grind for her.
I don’t have a very high interest in her.


The grind for her is super HARD! 6 bones needed could have been better to obtain her instead of 8 since she’s an average toon.

There is one post on an old thread where that guy calculated how you can obtain Piper without faction missions, since they seem the hardest to complete. Check it out.


Short answer Hell No :man_shrugging:
That’s why I haven’t even bothered doing a single thing. There’s Zero Point. Why should I grind my arse off (bc it is a ridiculous amount of work) for a ENTIRE month to get some outdated trash that won’t help me in the slightest.
Yet another example like this stupid sombrero wheel that they neither Listen or Care what’s best for the game & community. Sorry not sorry.


If your not going to grind for piper, the supreme crates are worth it.


absolutely! in my book they are a better prize. 100s of Bennies and other Trainer Bags plus a chance to get 20k coins. One of the better awards Scopely has put up in ages. T3 maxed my white shiva from leagues in few hours thanks to all those trainers. Bennies in bags would have been better.


Yea. I’ve done three supreme crate roadmaps already and am up to 430 bennies and 50 defense mods. Not bad. One defense defense was 635.


one doubt here! can i run the Mask roadmap act 2 twice for supreme crate using 2 bones, or is it just farmable once? i have 200s of masks right now and got 1 bone from Governors map. Dont have enough bandages to run act2 on for bandages map. Thinking of redoing act2 on Masks map using a 2nd bone.

nices I’m up 750 bennies I have no luck :disappointed_relieved:

Definitely not gonna be obtainable for an average f2p.


I’m pretty sure you can’t replay it the same day for more supreme crates, you have to wait until it resets the next day. If that’s what you are asking.

yeah running it 2nd time when it resets will reward Supreme crates again?
dont wanna waste those masks on re-running it and get no crates at end, lol being extra careful :sweat_smile:

I haven’t personally done it but I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. @Rickygrimes seems pretty well versed in this and I’m sure he can confirm it but that’s how I understand it to work

thats what i guess too, in theory it should work.

I’ve read people say it does but I haven’t tried yet

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Yeah, you’ve got to wait for the maps to reset as the crates are a completion reware

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I have ran it twice… and completed the alpha map… I got a crossbone for getting to 200, used 100 of them to get a second crossbone from alpha map. Used 65 to do the broken masks roadmap and then the 2 a day and one faction milestone allowed me to do another :slight_smile:


I think shes doable for the average f2p but if you faction isn’t active that could put a damper on things if you can get the faction rewards.

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