Do u ever wonder if

They never buffed 6*? Those who were around remember the first war before they buffed 6* to the level they are at now? Remember when 5* were useful and able to be used along side 6*? What do u think teams/rosters would look like now if the difference in power wasnt jacked out of reality like it was? I think the game would be more interesting because there would be more diversity in teams. What day you ppl?

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Do u ever wonder if…

This game is terrible now? Yep all the time. :smirk:


Lol. We don’t wonder that, it’s a known fact

Not true at all. Just ask your average whale. They will tell you the value in having a toon cost hundreds of dollars and justify spending all that money for “entertainment”.

I personally think they would have got more mileage out of spending that cash on hookers and blow but maybe that’s just me. :wink:


We can say spending now without scopely having a melt down? Lol i guess cause that s.trike lasted like a few hours :money_mouth_face:

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Of course, you can. It’s their favorite word. It’s when you suggest the opposite of spending that gets their panties in a bunch. :smirk:

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Re.funding :crazy_face:
scopely just dropped their pancakes :rofl:

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Wonder how this game at this current state would be without disarms…oh wait i dont have one, fukn suks.:joy:

I also like how they get super mad when you mention pancakes.

Everyone love pancakes except for the devil. Everyone knows this. Guess that means…


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