Do toons still use these?

Idk maybe I’m not paying attention but I don’t think I’ve used any of these in a long time

Its 90% useless now no have more new 5 star toons to use in this era,scoley need make new roads and balance the economy.

Flag Jackets? Of course. Every 4* needs them to T4, and every 5* needs them to T3.

4* are only useful to get more 5* through ascension now, but 5* are still highly important - it’s where the bulk of people’s levelup score is going to come from, except maybe the very highest spenders.

You use them on 5* ascendable and that’s it

I only use 4* as fodder ha ain’t wasting resources on maybe trying for an ascendable 5*

I would have that mindset too if this game didn’t give more silver ascendance medals than I need. Still a milly strong.

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