Do they listen?!


I’m just wondering…does scopely get these feedbacks? I read a lot of the post here and agree with a few of them but it doesn’t seem scopely genuinely cares about it…I may be wrong and I’m sure some people will comment that I most certainly am…but we are the people who cared enough to register in a forum about a game…give us just a little bit of what we want…


Doubt it. And if they do listen, they just don’t care.


Well they will quickly listen and close any bugs that may benefit the player base. Isn’t that listening?


Thats because people dont know how to keep their mouths shut and instead come here and blab about it all the time.


Well its the weekend so they are “out of the office” until Monday


I was only genuinely wondering


They are also very fast to listen when people say they need things, say like food, gear, they usually with in hours to a day have offers at extremely high prices. Usually only offering a quarter to half of what is needed in these offers.


On that topic im sure a miniscule thread would suffice :spider:


Selective Hearing… They only hear what they want to. Nothing more, nothing less.


If you ignore a problem… it doesn’t exist.


Oh they get them alright then this is how they get filed.



They probably only read praise for the game and not complaints :thinking:


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