Do they announce 6 star territories beforehand?

The last two times I got 6 star territories suddenly active in the game. Did they announce it or do they announce it before? Any idea when’s the next one coming?

I don’t R3 all seeing a heads up, it just kind of appears.

Heads up would be nice, but it is what it is

I think they might have announced it once, the first time they ever used them. But I’m pretty sure they like to pretend territories don’t exist, and they think announcing it would be an acknowledgement to us that they do know they’re real.

So I wouldn’t ever expect to receive any information about them. Ever.




You can practically tell when 6* territories will open up when they initiate an offer for territory refills. One popped up right before they opened them up last week. That’s your unofficial announcement.

There were once territories with handcuffs for HTL event back in 2017.

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