Do scopely staff play the game?

How do they come up with crappy events like this? Where do you get green leaves? I only got a few from missions but I need more to go to the golden leaf roadmap

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Hey wont play the game, many bugs in every event and caracters


Everyone knows scopes doesn’t play RTS

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The answer is a No

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No. The game is boring af. :turkey::turkey::turkey:

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Kalishane supposedly played. Does she still play?

Why would they play, they just count the freshly gained $$$$

I pulled a 25k of leaves for my first time.

She lied a lot I assume she lied about that too.

Yeah, I don’t think she said said what region she was in.

Scope employees:

  1. likely expected to get work done, so they can’t grind enough to keep up
  2. likely don’t get paid enough to have the disposable income required to be ‘good’
  3. know about the skeletons in the closet (odds, buckets, future plans, etc) and want nothing to do with that
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The real question is:

How would you feel about your employee who is always playing an “addictive” app on their phone at all hours of the day at the level expected from RTS?

  • Great
  • Don’t care
  • Poorly
  • Fire their ass

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If their job was so called game that you are trying to poll
Then my answer is I would have a team dedicated to playing this addictive app on their phone at all hours of the day at the level expected from RTS if I was running RTS
Otherwise I would warn them once then fire them

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  1. You don’t think they could give them coins, gear, toons etc… to help them keep up and stay semi current with the game?
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If they actually play 2 versions of this game. F2P and P2P. I am sure they would see the massive disadvantages from both side.

From a monthly subscription view.
From a spend to win view.
From a new or current player view that doesn’t spend or spend very little.

Overall, they would see how unbalance this game is at from all views.

But, that is on Scopely to figured out.

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OP: Do scopely staff play the game?




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