Do people really buy trainer crates?

It puzzles me that someone would pay for something knowing full well that they have a 1% to pull anything higher than the lowest number in that crate. Scopely, I would suggest making those crates worthwhile because at present they really are dung like.

Considering how few points you can score with them alone… Would not be advisable… Maybe for a new region for the first month or so… But yeah… Can’t imagine

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Is it not obvious by now that $copely has a delusional valuation of its own products?


Trainer crates are useless, unless they’re Benedicts. Anything with a chance at anything lower is next to worthless.


Yup, save your coins for buying 1 Sandpaper for 930 coins and 1 Bailing Wire for 860 coins, from the store. Is Scopely completely crazy? Who is going to spend almost $20 for the worst possible armory upgrade parts? If you ever need a good laugh, be sure to check out those trainer crates and the items for sale in the shop.


I think we would all be shocked if we were privy to just how many of things like this get sold. There is no way they keep running these promos if no one is buying them.

Lol forgot about the “store”. They should just remove that from the game. What were they thinking?

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Nope. 7 characters

I bought one once when I was going to miss the last milestone for a piece of t4 6 star gear I really needed and was completely out of 2 stars and survivors. But other than that one time no i never have and never would again.

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That’s probably exactly why they put those crates on there, for that exact reason, to gouge someone for an item they need before a timer runs out