Do people actually do this?

Do people actually make mini accounts in different regions and get people suspended before war?

Nobody can “get someone suspended”. People are responsible for their own actions.


While it’s true that we are all responsible for our own actions you know that some people are pretty easily triggered and it would not surprise me in the least for someone to make a dummy account with the sole intention to antagonize someone in the hopes that they lose control and say something that they shouldn’t with the hope that they can report them.

The moral of the story is just don’t engage people in GC but if you must then think long and hard about what you are going to say before responding to the obvious troll.

My advice is to just block them and move on.

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I do get where you are coming from but when a person barely goes on gc (except for the occasional meows) what other reason is there for someone to get suspended?

I was just told from a faction member that this has happened to people he knows and was just asking to confirm if it was true or not

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I never engage with trolls, no point in doing that

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It’s not true, it’s something people who get suspended use as an excuse.

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I report anyone I see that curses.
There’s kids playing this game.

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Then maybe you should report these children because this game is only for people from the age of 18


There’s also swearing in the actual game too. So guess you have to report the game


I can’t report the game as it’s a game, not a player.

No, I’m not a snitch.

lol damn… very conservative but true

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