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Warned you not to open this thread


Do whatever you want…jeez.


LOL :laughing:


Neither, 15% ATK is good enough for a 6*


Only while people are still using five stars, once everyone is running six stars +15 atk will not cut it


Stronger attack is trash IMO, I’d replace it with def bonus and up your attack as well


This is true.

I’d try for attack personally.
Or huge AP on def. But that relys on people attacking her.


Go for Slayer 2 and hope for +15%crit. if hp is >30%. And go for 21-25 atk. She’ll be a beast.


Sarcasm achievement unlocked


I was being sarcastic.
But I’d get rid of the stronger attack and put Impair when defending, then Huge AP and 30%Def


You basically said…I don’t need help…im just posting to confuse people.


Lol btw this is 6* Yumiko. Actually fuck this shit. I’ll do it myself. :joy: