Do NOT ascend Green Shield Lee - Needs Depot gear

I was all excited when found out I could make a second shield to add to my defense when Green Lee can be ascended to a 6*. What no one told you is he requires depot gear.

So now I ended up with another one of those characters that I would have used but it will take so long to get them to a maxed state they will just spend a life time doing errands in scavenger camp.

I am fairly certain this Lee is not from depot but for some reason he was now turned into a depot character. Will manga suffer the same fate?


Magna does suffer the same fate yes


It was stated that they would need special gear. Seen in the 21.1 update. Maybe follow the updates.



what were you doing when they posted that this would happen?

Just curious

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It was stated before, but doesn’t make it any less of a shitty move. Even more so considering SR has been made so much harder and time consuming that most won’t even bother…

I’ve got multiple lee and Magna, and was so stoked to hear they were being made asascendable finally. But now, unless they make changes, and soon, they’ll forever remain as 5* in my roster


This is like a week old and op is just finding out now?

Should we tell him about the green and black flag crates…?

Scopely has been doing a decent job the last couple weeks detailing upcoming events and explaining things, several pinned posts up top.

Scopely is responsible for posting the information, we are responsible for reading it.

Take a few minutes each day and read through them, oddly enough surprises like needing depot gear for Lee and Magna won’t happen.

The recent rash of sr difficulty should have been an indicator as well…


Did you even read the post Scopely made it clearly says that the 6* will require survival road gear to upgrade


Let’s be fair. These are the first two legacy ascendables to require special gear and no in game announcement was made about that. Communication could have been better.


Not just that why would someone with a regular Lee or Magna assume they need special gear? If bought from the depot, fair enough special gear. But I and I’m sure others got mine when there were no 6* so why should I need special gear?


Ran into same problem. Even though I read the forums and looked at the post from devs. As Lady Geek pointed out, no reason to think that non SR characters would need special SR gear to level. I have both Lee and Magna and can’t t2 either of them due to this stupid move by Scopely. Banging my head against the new SR makes the gear unattainable. Glad I left on of my Lees 5*. At least I will still be able to use him in Arenas.

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The gear isnt that hard to get tbh

It’ll just take time , they could put the gear into league store but the whole point is to get players playing survival road more and survival road tournaments for milestones like any other regular gear , it wont take that long to get it

Not that hard? I saw a calculation of over a million SR depot points to T4 them. So, two million if you want to do one of each. That’s a really long time, especially if you’re struggling to finish SR with the new ‘improvements’.


Whilst I haven’t seen the calculations and such I didnt think it would take that long or be as bottle nosed? Plus the gear can be on sale and such

I dont think it should be the only way to get the gear, maybe theyll have choice boxes in sr tournaments where you can pick between a canteen,gps, x amount of knives or x amount of sleeping bags

I say x amount because no one is going to do milestones for 1

Like 5 sleeping bags in a crate, 3 knives in a crate

And some for completing each stage too instead of just markers

They could do that so players struggling with sr or the costs have other ways to earn them still related to sr

They’ve said they’re going to put the markers in SR rewards. Not gear. And while it hasn’t been explicitly stated, I’m guessing that’s a temporary change while it’s new.

I did see about the markers , I wonder how much they class as a “reward” and if players think it will be enough

Should be enough to buy some at the least , gear should be a reward in milestones but that’s just my thoughts

Should be an additional reward bonus instead of a replacement because as many have said they arent going to bother with lee or magna so markers only hold a bounty to them for platinum mods so gear as a sole prize would be useless

It won’t be an additional reward. It will take up one of the normal three slots.

Most likely sadly. for those using magna or lee it’s only useful for mods

This is punishment for playing.

Earning that toon wasn’t enough and waiting sooooo long for another ascendable scam(Andrea) for them to capitalize on.



You can always spend 310k on 3 Brady’s instead of one of the 6*'s, so its not all bad :crazy_face:

It is very underhanded to turn a character that was free into a Depot gear character. Regardless if it was in an update announcement on the forums or not.

If I purchased the character through the Depot sure. There is too many characters that are doomed to be unused due to these tactics. Michonne from Prestige is an excellent example of this. At least she was given upfront knowing she would be dead ended until you bought the farm.