Do letters carry over

I know for a fact i got an M and a few other letters that would be useful during the ‘days gone by’ section. do the letters expired ? that’s kind weird

The letters you get expire at the end of each segment. Just another way for Scopely to enjoy screwing us over.


I dont think they do, pretty bull tbh

Letters dont carry over

asinine this could’ve been a good event but they just love screwing things up for people who can’t afford to spend at all. I actually thought this event was creative

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I left a letter unclaimed from a quill and there is a free letter in my mailbox today

The scopely douchebags haven’t had offers to buy quills today either. Can’t get letters free or buying.

meh. I’m going to see if i get as many arrows as i can for the 1K keys

If you claim the letter it does not carry over
If you dont claim the letter from the quill it will show up in your inbox

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