Do I play road rage or horse power?

Hey guys, I’m an S8 player and was curious if I should go do the horse power or road rage map, is the road rage bs hard?

If you cant beat your typical whale team stay away from the harder map


Whale map needs a shitton of batteries, right? More than are available from the level tourney I presume, so it’ll reset before you can even finish it without spending. Right?

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You do not have to do these road maps every day make sure uve enough to finish one before using a key.


The road map is easier than a standard “whale team” because there is no time limit, and they dont have special weapons (other than the fixes ones) and have no mods. An S8 team should be able to do it with a bit of patience and a faction supporter


I did a couple on the “whale” map, it’s not worth in my opinion. Just do the easier one.

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Last stage of last RoadRage just shows exactly what Scopley are about and why game is so unbalanced.


The harder map gives more tires at the cost of more batteries. I didnt find it that hard i went in with my melee attack team and used fac support of carl, dante, gabe, eric, etc for the defense and hp boost and was fine. You cant auto it unless youre a whale but it wasnt as hard as i thought it would be, scopely has put bs like 50k hp or 50k attack teams in before lol this was a nice challenge tbh

Put an attack/healing/revive team together and use fac support toons that give defense and hp and you should be good. I used Mira lead, alpha, viktor, kal, dante and a fac support like carl


The harder map is very doable since their weapons aren’t great and you won’t get timed out. Just ask for a decent faction supporter and you should do fine.


And plus you can carry items like smelling salt and viles and replenishes. And if you are desperate you can coin back to life.

If you want either Sandy or Bruce you should probably do the harder map. I’m not sure the easier map will provide enough tires to get them

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100% false


No, I did the level up milestones and have batteries left over after completing the whole map.

The hard map is nightmare mode so no battle items allowed


maybe it’s because I haven’t played this game since last May and before then i was able to have those options unless that changed since May.

So has it?

Nightmare mode does not allow for those battle items. Zero items


Ahh quit before that came out lol

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Its not so bad…a couple neutralize toons will go a long way on these maps.
Command glenns buffs will really help.
Guardian zeke will help too.

I can’t seem to remember you posting a video deleting your roster.


True I will correct that

What are you slacker bestie? You troll the same way he does. Are you a alt?

The weekend of my retirement I posted a vid of me dumping my roster and uploaded on YouTube( don’t feel like going in to get the link for you) and it got take down as their is no quitting post allowed. Dick number 2 @Killa-K