Do I need to buy Peas and Carrots for 5* ascendable?

Do i need to buy any extra peas and carrots at the shop, or does the roadmap provide you enough to at least supply you with one? i want to get indomitable princess.

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What Would Scopely Want You To Do


You must buy the offers

My guess is Rose will be free. The other two will require ■■■■■■■■.

dont worry you will be able to get enough


if i did the math right i’ll earn just over enough but i’m still scared i’ll miss it by like 500

Are we supposed to get the pumpkin pie today from the stash. I lost count lmao.

Rose … Nop

Princess or Bryan :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


honestly kinda surprisingly generous of them to give away Princess for free like this, like she just came out in September and is indomitable legendary w/ taunt!

What blue f2p character does that sound like? I’ll give you a hint: it’s Abraham. And we all know how good he is on defense…


Short answer: no


Bryan is way better.

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Don’t listen to this giy

You can easily get one toon. Without buying any offers I can almost get rose already. We still have 10+ days. Unless you want multiple toons you don’t need the offers. I can’t say for sure if you can get Bryan who is the costliest but you will get an ascendable for sure without spending

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I’m gunning for Rose.
I do not have a large dropper.


I need a defense toon …, so ya;l think princess is gonna be bad for defense ?

I’ve heard Princess for defence, Bryan for attacking teams. Of course, depending on team setups.


don’t have him ,’: )

Oh i know he’s super good but just not for my team set, i have a yellow/blue build : (

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Princess is awesome, so Idk why people say she’s not a tank. I want Princess too because she is a tank. With taunt, everyone attacks her, and she gains defense as long as she’s not stunned. In the previous harvest map I fought her and almost died. Gosh her ar is insane. I also want her because she’s badass and Im a collector.