Do I lose my other 2 Priyas?

I’m about to claim S Class Priya, but in the museum it’s asking me to do all types of stuff to claim her. This us my first S Class musuem character. It asked me to change my avatar, change my faction supporter, and then to remove her from all teams. So, do I lose my 6* Priyas by claiming S Class Priya?

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yes you do


Thanks for your prompt response! Damn. Was gonna build a 3 Priya team.

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Yes you do just done it…s class private’s is good!

You still can if you go with 3 6* pryias but 3 S-Class isn’t possible

1 S class is better than 2 6* priya


Yes 1 sclass will do the damage of 5 6* priyas if done right

Congrats on your first s class


Just a heads up but in ANY museum collection look for the red !, that means you lose the items in question. It says right under the top center

“Items marked with ! are consumed when rewards are claimed”

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