Do I level Clems AR?



Haven’t seen a concrete answer yet. Will vitality heal less if her ar is maxed instead of at level 1?


No it goes by how much you have built up not how quick it pops


i did. while her vitality is awesome to keep her topped off, her rush is that much more important in taunting mfs into hitting her so they get stunned. plus the bonus hp and pain split further solidfy her being able to tank hits. be aware though that her bonus hp doesnt always mean shell apply one to her self. both applications can go to other party members.


Ok thanks both of you


how exactly does that work? for a random example say you have 40 ap in your bar, how much health does that give you?


its about 4.5hp per ap; its a nice chunk. like a reverse evasion but stronger. it procs at the start of a round too so if she has burn or bleed it replaces lost hp from that. i stacked my clem with life steal so she literally gets healed before and after.


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