Do I even have any use for S Class James, Christa, or Priya?

I still haven’t redeemed my choice boxes and bars and stuff for James or Priya, though I’ve been collecting nearly all the items. I also have enough Choice boxes I could get S Priya if I wanted to, but cashing in would obviously put me further from making my Laopo S-class.

I could also cash in comics for Morgan, Harrison, or Ivy. And I have Julie at 6*t3, could use comics to max her out.

My typical attack team is below:

Other interesting toons I have that I could possibly with this O include: S James, S Priya, Julie, decap Tyreese, Cole, Stephanie, disarm Bruce, Earl Sutton, blue healer Denise

And my typical defense team:

Other interesting toons I have that I could possibly wit this D include: S James, S Priya, disarm Bruce, lacerator Rick, confounding Yumiko, Yvette

For O, while I know that Viktor and Hershel aren’t that great, they both do pretty important stuff for me. Namely: Viktor neutralizes and double impairs with AR; and Hershel revives and provides my only healing. Laopo doesn’t AR til turn 4 (unless he gets attacked), so Viktor’s neutralize/impair is pretty key to getting there. Viktor’s turn 2 focus is also HUGE, and with Diego’s focus, can keep focus up for the vast majority of fights to virtually nullify taunt toons, human shields, etc.

I also use Hershel’s revive turn 3 very often, and if not, almost certainly on turn 4. So I’m not sure how either of these could be replaced with the more “powerful” toons of S Priya or James, who don’t really do anything other than heavy damage (other than Priya’s daze, but I don’t find myself needing that very often before Laopo’s AR goes off).

Similarly, for D, James can definitely be annoying as I’ve experienced, but since he doesn’t really bring anything other than heavy damage, I’m not sure who I could really give up in that lineup. I’d essentially lose either a revive or Guardian shield. Or Laopo (switching to Gabe lead).

As for Christa, here’s the toons that I even have that could maybe be used with her for either O or D… Mirabella red ranged lead, S Priya lead, Ryker, red hold-the-line Andrea, Pip[er, red Gov, Romanov… I’m pretty weak on reds tbh; don’t have any of the really strong reds. I do also have yellow Michonne and Camila leads, but not sure what good they’d be.

So basically, I totally recognize the pure stats power of these S classes, but they all seem like they’d leave such a hole in terms of abilities from what they would replace (James/Priya), and not sure that I could construct a different team that offers much better than my current green teams (new teams that’d utilize Christa and/or Priya).

Is there any point for me to cash in on any of these teams? Or any other general suggestions?


I’d dump violet in a second.

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Violet’s only on D, and she brings Gabe back up… Seems like it’d be pretty easy to burst down Gabe and then just whittle everyone else down without having her?

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Your team is going to get controlled easily you have nothing that can kill anyone. They will have faster ars and a turn advantage.


Thx for the feedback. I’m not saying it’s great, but it does hold pretty well in wars and my region. A lotta ppl don’t finish it in the time limit. Guess I’m just missing what James would really add to that? Not like he’s a ton of damage by himself, and you’re right, no one else really does a lot of damage.

eta: I’m just thinking, like, if I were attacking myself, I’d easily burst down Gabe by turn 2, and once he’s down, it’s basically just keep myself alive and whittle down James then everyone else. I think that second revive (esp. being an active) on violet comes in big that way (esp. since she’s kinda a bitch to kill with evasion).

I guess I should also add I’d definitely prefer to enhance my attack team with S Classes if they were useful, since I acknowledge my D team is far from being “elite”

If you think violet is holding up with crista around and as just not what it used to be with all the priya around


Wish I could watch how the attacks go down but I for sure feel what u mean once Christa ARs… But u think james honestly makes it a lot better in your opinion? Or is it more of a thought he might at max tier 4?

And would you agree with my assessment on attack? That basically none of SJames/SPriya/SChrista are useful there?

I dont, I would just stick some ap down mods on some people if I was worried about ars. Viktor is a crutch for you, you can do better.

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thanks. I am already using the only 2 gold AP down attack mods I have already unfortunately, but yea you’re probably right. you think james or priya for replacing that spot? Or even Julie?

Priya and christa or James all would make the team so much better, besides obvious massive stat boost active and lead skill is must have now days, I can’t see that original attack team beating many ppl


I can beat everyone on my region fairly easily; only occasionally up because of a mistake going too fast hitting a payback or some crazy chain thing I set off, etc… I think I’m around #10 reputation on the region. So it is hard for me to tell these things since I basically never see teams with more than 2-3 S-class on them.

And this is probably why I haven’t ever really felt motivated to even select either Christa or James tbh. Not sure what kind of defense teams on other regions I wouldn’t be able to handle, and then which S class toons would overcome those teams.

My last addition was to add Michonne and with her red teams with Pete/Mia/Zachs etc became super super easy. Same with Raven teams.

Who would you run of my current line up then plus those S class? I’d think Viktor, but at the same time his turn 2 Focus I think is what allows me to beat pretty much any shield team I feel. Viktor focus turn 2, James AR turn 3, and more often than not that’s pretty much game.
And also do you think Priya is worth setting back saving up cakes to make Laopo S class?

I mean I don’t think I really even have a decent lead for Christa, unless I used Priya as attack lead, but then kinda renders all the greens useless…

James is a beast if set up correctly. Ive seen him destroy 3 of my attack toons with ease.


There being outdated already I’m afraid

I’ve been using Diego, alpha, Glenn, koa and Regina or douglass but I claimed christa and got priya. Now I have 2 options that I can use in war. I’d always recommend using more than 1 team just in case

While it’s good that you’re doing well, I’ll just say that this game is about the S-class now and everything else is slowly being phased out. So it might be a good idea to get into it now instead of having to quickly catch up when you see that things aren’t working anymore.


Friend, you need to build a few good offense teams and a few good defense teams. I think you should build a S class team just because that is the future of this game and could these teams beat a aarrav , priya team? That’s the future. Id build a good S class team just in case. Christa is a absolute beast period. No matter what you do to her. And add priya to that you’d have a reasonably decent start. S class are the future. You have the means to have a decent S class start . go for it!

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Or James bc his damage seems good.I chose Christa and wouldn’t change her for that stop sign wielding weirdo. But ultimately that’s up to you. Elusive just isn’t something I’m in dire need of. And I like christas damage and that she’s a alert S class. I like James but I have strong weapons already and he didn’t bring anything to the table I desired.

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I kinda feel that way about all 3 of these S class toons honestly. They kinda just do very little. No specialist skill on Priya, and meh specialist skills on the other 2, especially on James, plus pretty trash actives. Basically nothing but really high stats. Makes it feel really hard to give up other toons.

And even harder to decide whether to try to fit in James, or get Christa and start building that range team, even if I don’t really have any other good reds yet…

And I don’t understand why people are so crazy about Priya fr. Just her daze ability? But if that’s it, it seems like it overlaps a loooooot with Laopo…

True. My only point is the do have crazy damage. I was honestly shocked at how much damage christa does in one shot. It seems like she’s the only answer to James and vice versa. I have seen them in raids unfortunately and I believe that’s going to become the norm. My point is why not have a team that does counter the s class we are seeing in the game. Most 6 * teams aren’t going to hold up to the damage that the sclass puts out. Why not have a counter? If you have the ability to have christa or James and priya why not? And you should probably start now as their relevancy us short lived in this game that’s spitting out new ones daily?

Diego, priya, bluechonne, loapo and any command or shield (ajax or magna for stun)

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