Do I do it......!?!?

It doesn’t seem like these wheels are changing back anytime soon… Do I a 40 pull on the wheel with Jesus in (I’m in desperate need of a shield) or do I go for the new wheel… Someone talk me out of this.

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My faction leader did a 50 pull and didn’t get an ascendable

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I know the odds…

Then you know a 40 pull is only enough of an ante for a case of depression


Don’t do it if you can only afford a 40 pull.Everyone just demolishes my Jesus shield and he has full gold mods

I could do 2 40s, but I have the habit of going all in so I Wana save a pull for later down the line

Always expect the worst outcome, and ask yourself: “Am I ok spending $100 on 39 4*, and a non-ascendable 5*?”

Then call your friend Harry and ask him for advice…


I always ask … “what does scopely want me to have?”

Thing is iv got the coins sitting…

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They tend to do that :joy:

Personally, I’d wait for a promo featuring a single character, and a non-diluted wheel, but I always feel lucky baby!

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I have 26k coins right now and I want Gabe really bad… what do you think the odds are that I get him with 120 pulls?

3 in my faction got him from ONE 10 pull. Another got him from free club pull and another got him w/ 1 40 pull. Sooooo what are MY odds?

Honestly… I’d be surprised if you didn’t get at least 1 6* with that amount of pulls.

Did a 10 pull and got a magna myself

It took me 3 bigs to get Gabe, but I know others that did 3x as many pulls and didn’t. If you don’t mind lighting $300 on fire, go for it. It’s your money.


2% chance of AN ascendable…
So your question becomes if you get one, which one will be it?
Again, they’re doing their shady, better odds within odds showing they shape the results without disclosure… So who knows

Technically, it’s not. It’s tapjoy money bc they’ve paid me out big time in last 48 hours

Next question, defense wheel or the new wheel with Wayland and Morgan

Here’s another question… how much of an upgrade is Gabe over Carl? Is it more significant of an upgrade than say jesus over koa?