Do away with transfer keys

Need to do away with transfer keys. And find a way to just combine old regions

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Or just combine and offer keys anyway. Many facs like the freedom


people want to transfer regions
now people want no more keys
make up your mind. you can’t have it both ways. Just don’t transfer. Yes it sucks when big facations come in and dominate but so be it that’s the game.

I’ve been stuck in a region I didn’t want to be in before. Take away my choice to leave a region, I’ll leave the entire game rather than be stuck again.


Why take away the ability for people to choose where they want to play?

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Don’t you threaten us lol.

That reasoning though is why I think removing all league coins from the majority of players was and is dangerous move.

They can keep key but there’s too many dead regions its hard to find active region. Just because a place says high pop doesn’t mean its active. So they need to find a way to combine regions while keeping keys. Least when there was new regions you knew it was active. Need new regions again

shit loads of active regions lol. spy on them

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I hate that idea as a fac leader. It’s already hard enough to keep a full faction, LOL.

President Reagan is a bad ass for riding a raptor

Why do players want an active region anymore? There hasn’t be AOW in a long time… find a faction you want to join and go to that region regardless of activity.


Exactly that, you can recruit from anywhere so all those people who did half ass for the fac because they were the best of the worse in region no longer get to leech, no aow (or not often enough to make a diff) so no long ques to worry about, makes getting top 50-100 not require you to have to put in unrealistic time to acquire, and lastly I loved being able to start fresh and meet new people. I played with the same people for 3 years and the social aspect of this game was always a big reason to play. I found myself just wanting to find a new place to make new friends. I love having that option.
They do however need to close down regions that have super low activity and merge them elsewhere or provide a key to allow them to choose where to go.


Please point me to some dead regions I can go to if there is so many

Go to any low or medium pop region. Even some high pop are dead newberry- McCormick and they are newer regions

And where all these active regions you know how many high pop places I’ve been too just to see they were dead cause there old

Keep the transfer keys but also at some point they need to merger regions and clean them up. Also stopping making new regions that’s all there do is putting Band-Aids or a open wombs history will continue to repeat itself in this regions

So you propose they throw the brand new accounts into OG regions their first day? Wonder how long they will stick around…

They aren’t sticking around most of the time in new regions anyway. Change what you start new players with in og region. Give a 6* with a bunch of 5* out the gate

Why they are they are worried about new people I don’t know its going to happen anyways. New regions or not still got to deal with money spenders

Yep I tried newberry when it opened old and new whales came quick