Do all "I'm expierencing death threats" threads get closed and or deleted?

I wasn’t too active on the old forum, but is this the case?

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If it gets an excessive amount of flags it gets shut down for a time being and then will reopen. As to deletion I’m not sure

I suppose it would bring a bad(worse) light to the handling of these kinds of topics by scopely and associates.

No only 99.97%

I just got notified of 4 posts being flagged. Never been flagged before so someone is going crazy in that thread.

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It was auto-closed due to the amount of flags and arguments that arose.

You all had a busy weekend.

It looks like it will reopen in a couple hours.


U kno who ^^^

I never figure these things out.

Edit: only just got your hint. lol You go!

Yea – not me, there were over 150 flags this weekend.

Appeared to be flag wars of some sort.


Stop drawing kalishane here with your nonsense, so she can answer my real question in other thread lol


I thought he was pointing at himself. I sure am bad at hints. lol

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It must have been flagged by fellow hart trolls/harrasers or someone that didn’t enjoy seeing scopely and partners being looked at it in a bad light.

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What say you in support of the bull @unknown ?

Support? No support here. Needs to find a new hobby.

Nobody drew anyone here @master-beta

When people are pointing at kali and implying she flagged, then yea they kinda did

I mean, i’m glad people are using the flag system when people are flat out insulting them or others – but abusing it is also taking time away from other things – and creates frustration where there shouldn’t be.


I never seen an at Kali post @master-beta

Ive never seen a post get closed and reopened as much as the one regarding the Bull fron Hart was over the weekend. Update he is still live in our region so nothing has been done yet on the issue with his harassment


That is a problem kali!

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