Dissenting opinion on Hordes


I’m a fan. Yes, it could be improved, but after just 1 year of playing I’ve really been wanting something to spice it up. It made me think about each battle, and I was only playing on Gold league. I think it’s even more challenging in the higher leagues.

Yes, it’s a departure from the main format of the game, but I don’t see why that’s so bad once in awhile. My actual account has been completely broken and un-playable since 1/28… yes, that’s more than 2 months since I’ve been able to use my account that I spent a year building and spent money on. I’m currently playing someone’s castoff alt and it’s maddening, so clearly I’m not the biggest fan Scopely has at the moment. That said, I’ll still give credit where it’s due.


So many things need changed it’s hard to call it a success

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It’s borderline impossible in higher leagues if you don’t get the right cards early on. But I agree it has potential to be a bit different.

There is zero challenge to it. The only challenges when it comes back around is to wait for to pull the right cards.


It’s good, it’s different and it’s what the game needed. Although there is room for improvement, don’t get cosy Scopely. If you prefer war it’s still there, if you prefer raids they’re still there, if you like this new gameplay it’s now here. Vary up the calendar every month with the 9 events now in circulation and everyone’s happy.

Happyish, anyway.

Do all that fine, but don’t tie it to leagues thereby trying to force people who hate it to play it.

You could say that about war, SR, onslaught though. My only concern with the league connection is rewards are rubbish. There should be 3 types, not just 3 types for Top 5 and trophies for the rest


Just means every week they run it I will be relegated and try for promotion on the weeks they dont

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I hope it’s never more than twice a month. They ran onslaught a few times in as many weeks to float around edits in period times and energy amounts to streamline improvements. I’m hoping that’s why April is horde heavy lol.

If I have to drop out of diamond because of it that will probably be the final retirement straw for me.

I disagree. The game needed (and still needs) a major overhaul. Talking about stuff like rewards, wheels, ingame-economy, tweaking of existing features, fixing bugs finally, UI improvements, …
Hordes has helped these things not one bit.

It also needed calendar variation too. Onslaught came out in Oct '18 (and was just a 30v30 war redecoration). Assault, the last real ‘new tourney’ came out in Nov '17. It needed a new game mode and now was the right time.

In no way am I saying it’s all it needed. All the things you mentioned should have been addressed before now

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Should not be tied to leagues to the extent that it is. Yes I get that some don’t like sr etc but you only get trophies at the end of sr, not for every battle and at the end like hordes. Yes change is refreshing but not all change is a good thing. Fix the current issues/rewards system instead of introducing a new event with its own set of brand new issues. Now its on the calendar as a faction event. Its hard enough keeping people engaged and factions full without an event that a lot of them are indifferent to and quite a few hate. For those that like it, great, happy for you but those that don’t shouldn’t be “forced” to do it at the risk of league placing

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