Dissapointed by this event already


Why only Rick?!? Isnt the point of it to side with one group? Everyone here is just siding with Rick!
Why only Rick…


Rick is first toons, rest (3) toons should be later…


Fucking hell, you don’t know anything about the event and already registering your disappointment?

If this game has that effect on you, click “uninstall”


rick is trash anyway using tokens for gear


Why not wait and see?


Well and there we have it, guys. The first nay sayer.

Can’t wait for the threads that will follow!

People complain about not getting an ascendable and also complain about getting an ascendable.

Now, I know why Scopely isn’t putting any effort on the war and tournament prizes.

This is the reason! Smh


a useless 6 stuck at tier 2 forever or tier 4s easy pick guys…


I assume from the very early reports is that you are more tan likely gonna get rick stash if you choose the survivours and others so on and so on. No point crapping on something before youve eaten


N-word what?

Who cares? By the start of this event, our factions will randomly be placed in one of four colonies. I’m going with the Saviours by the way.


Lol for god sake. Some people are never happy.


This event didnt even started o_O


Got to say, I’m a dyed in the wool Scopely basher, & even I think this is jumping the gun :rofl:


From the blog post

In each week of this month-long event, factions will be placed into one of four communities:
rotating communities means your allies one week could become fierce enemies in the next!

I’m not sure you get to chose who your with. Just speculation tho I’m sure we will figure out soon enough


It’s SCOPELY! I agree with the OP.

99% chance they aren’t giving out multiple ascendables for FREE. What game yall think yall playing? :joy::joy::joy:

Hope to be wrong but…seeing only Rick is making me nervous.


Some people aren’t grateful. Also not realising that your given a CHOICE to go the stash or gear. If you don’t want rock then go for the gear. I will be going for gear as don’t want that rick but I’m happy for the alternative in gear.


This is what i wanna say, god thanks.
If he doesn’t like characters, he can play for the legendary gears.


I don’t know how many stash pulls one will have maxed at by the end but I’ll take a stash guarantee with a bit of work over the rng wheel of alpenstock doom.


Is it still too early to be disappointed :joy::joy::joy:?


that wheel though with the waistpacks/URG/ERG tho


You and everyone that liked your post :joy::rofl::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: