Disqualify the factions, that bypass the search ver. 1.1

Since in a few hours the last qualifying match will begin this season. And we have not received an official response from the developers. I suggest you stock up on popcorn and patience to find out what other tricks weak fractions would go to get to the WOC.
As a player who has been in a strong faction for about two years, I can responsibly say that a trick with a 1-2 weak cartoon works great. This allows the weak fractions to take a place in the middle, thereby crowding out the average level of the fraction from the qualification rating. Yes, they will not be able to perform well at the WOC, but they will be able to get there.

For example, the mentioned SPARTA fraction lost to our fraction in 6-8 minutes. But it turned out to be 5 lines higher in the overall classification. But because of their low level, they caught us only 2 times in the entire tournament.

This had been said alot of time …but let me say it again … you cannot disqualify a faction for finding loophole in game … the are not cheating in any way … the problem is with game … push for better search mechanism if you want to but dont bring this bulshit up again✌


Weeeeeell… if you read the Terms of Service, you are not allowed to exploit the game mechanics, else you risk getting banned.
What constitutes an exploit is point for debate tho - obviously a lot of pissed off players consider a loophole in matching mechanics allowing them to attain rarer rewards with less effort an actual exploit… hence the call for official statement is here again.

Just am afraid that no answer will ever be given. @WalkerTexasRanger is definitely not reading anything here and you’d have to be lucky to get @TayTron (who reads almost 4x as much as the supposed-CM) to read and then risk replying…


It isn’t cheating but it is exploiting the game to benefit them self’s which is against TOS.


It has been discussed many times, it’s not an exploit, nor is it cheating. It’s just a shitty tactic. More like taking advantage of the way the matchmaking works. Much like tower ghosting. (which is not a shitty thing to do)

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Even then how do you distinguish that if they are exploiting the game or they dont have enough active player to queue constantly for war so they recruited low lvl player to war better …so what i am saying is … rather than pushing for disqualification of thise faction … we should voice for better search mechanism which is better for all and for long time

I do not propose to disqualify such factions - a dirty game is their choice. But it is necessary to introduce a system of fines for low-ranking players. To make the use of this mechanics pointless

Nah, I think it’s a fair tactic.

Lol. Everyone exploits what they can comfortably do. Like people exploiting towers for cans, stop completing gold scav missions to access YGL more often, etc

It makes no sense to want to punish players just for using built in game tools that Scopely provides that nobody at Scopely even cares about


I didn’t know you could do that with towers I still don’t know how to ghost them.

Just attack without putting any defence afterwards.
This way you’ll be able to re-take a said tower after the timer runs out.

More attacks = more chances to get cans.
And also with perfect timing you can “hold” a tower basically forever.

According to Scopely this “tower ghosting” is NOT an exploit, but a legitimate tactic.
And even though they never openly said such a thing about mini generals, their silence on that issue speaks volumes.


And here we go…Immortal Polk from Polk region ranked 10 in 1A CRW using level 1 generals :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Know what’s worse than that? People who talk about fractions this, and fractions that.
It’s FACTION. No freaking R in there anywhere. Quit exploiting the English language.


I’m having a hard time visualizing this. It’s obviously not a secret, so… people start an extra account on another device and then join their own faction with their real team in it? Then when the war que fills, they quickly designate the lowest players as generals? If that’s the case, hmmm. I don’t think I would bother. If you want to stop it, there would need to be a way to realize the same player has two teams from different devices in the same faction. I think. lol

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