Discussion Topic: Visual upgrades for S-Class

me after see the new S color

If you really want to make the S class characters stand out, how about making gear more available? I’ve got a backlog of S class that would love to stand out. Take it to the team.


We have other pressing things to worry about like that gear drought, trainer drought, armory token drought, and hell, even toon drought with the recent removal of velvet cakes but sure, let’s focus on S Class visuals.


@Nobody just call them 7* and be done with it

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it would be better to raise the old Persians


#LaraCroftNudeCheat included? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::boom:

A peggle rainbow aura would have been so much more satisfying :unicorn::rainbow: missed opportunity Scopes :man_facepalming:

Ur fancy words mean the same as my normal words. :wink:

I’m happy your making a few changes, let’s not forget pretty much everything else in the game needs updating to :hugs:


Reading this is the 1st time i regret quitting

I sure hope there is more to the next update than this…


hello ladygeek, in that update, will they fix the content 2 error that appeared to me 9 days ago?

Cool. Um, there are much bigger things in game to tackle, but I am actually surprised we are getting any sort of update with what is going on in the world at the now, good to see some effort being put in, and the basic token thing is a welcome change.

Perhaps to the Purple stars for the 7 Star - I mean S Class will make the coding easier for them to block S Class form hordes - or create S class free Survival road challenges???

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Thanks for finally getting us stackable trainers, a dedicated SR roster, and updating the roster sort as you did for the weapons…

No, wait none of that happened. Instead, we get purple s-class stars and a glowing aura. Thanks :smirk:


I’m another player who helps out on the forums, so I can’t really begin to guess what would be the cause of your content 2 error. Do you have a ticket open with support?

Después de 10 emails lo cerraron diciendo que estaban en ello y en la próxima actualización se arreglaría…pues ha llegado la actualización y el problema sigue…no puedo jugar después de casi 5 años

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