Discussion Topic: Updated Roadmaps

Please let us know your feedback on these changes.

I’ll be the first, but not the last, to say the changes are mixed. Good idea for shortening but the drop rates have been messed up - survivors and gear being the main culprits.

Yes good for running through some quicker, but please review the rates as they haven’t been adjusted to compensate for fewer zombies, etc. As it stands the objective of “greater or equal” is not being met.


Flaks and beanies missing. Guessing bags and radio will be for next map. So you give us gear for toons but still can’t tier them up…makes sense. Waits for offers to pop up for coins


I like it thanks scopley :slight_smile:

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You get 2 flak/beanie for finishing the 4 maps, i stopped doing the map ages ago because it took too much time/energy

THis will make me revisit them each week which i guess is the intention


Yeah, but that doesn’t create an ability to farm. Which we could 2 years ago. We have gone backwards as far as gear. We should all have a plethora of bags and walkies(have 9 and 3)not just rely on the finishing reward to provide us with a tier or two worth. I like the choice bags though, I will give credit there. But if a f2p roster can’t even level up, something’s wrong


I don’t think it’s much of an improvement.

It’s good that a box now drops on the last stage, but after running this 10 times I haven’t had a box with a flak or beanie in. So the odds of that gear box dropping are probably really low. Which means the one for walkies/bags will be too.

At least before all items were in the same box so you had a chance of getting the flak/ beanie or walkie/school bag with every bag you opened.

I don’t know why you’re putting such a stranglehold on low level gear. I have several S-Class and 6*s I can’t tier up just because I need gear that’s been around since we were using 4 stars.


Much better than before, but as above the drop rate for gear survivors needs to be addressed asap

Hold the phone, are the gear roadmaps farmable again? What’s this about a box dropping on every last stage?

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Yup 2 drop crates thou :+1:

Well I’ll be damned, you do get a box. Doesn’t have the good stuff (beanies/flak, radio/bag) but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

How about the shirts/gloves map? Any update on that farse yet?


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@everyone We’re updating the Recurrent Roadmaps to improve their value and lower their energy cost.

There are 2 possible boxes that can drop. I assume flaks and beanies are in the other one but I haven’t had one drop yet.

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Ahh I see. Maybe I’ll can up and run it a dozen times. See what comes out

Yeah I canned and ran it about 10 times with no luck. I don’t need flaks and beanies that badly so I’ll save my cans to try more times when it’s the ultra rare gear map!

I just ran it 10 times too, zero beanie boxes. The drop for that box in this map def needs to be upped. 1 in 4 chance is very reasonable, this is low level gear we are talking about.


Doesn’t really address the real issue of a legendary gear map (that doesn’t use comics and uses RNG if you obtain enough items to then exchange them for RNG items to do roadmap), being needed that uses natural energy.

We are in the S class meta, yet we only have a consistent (and I also agree with points made above) for rare and ultra rare gear. It should be for lengendary gear (to be specific gear required for 6s and S classes). Customers have been asking for this since 6 were created yet we don’t have an world energy using weekly roadmap.

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I think gear roadmaps should just be constant. Every day, several different gear maps. Just think of how many cans you could sell scopely!

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While I got plenty of the trait legendary gear and can make do with the general ones (radio/watch/GPS/canteen), I second the motion for a legendary map that isn’t as convoluted as the appocalypse keys (remember original price of 10 keys per 1 comic would be remotely justifiable).

Also agree with @undeadjohn1234 that epic/ultra gear should be available daily, though I’d have it “free” once a week, with the dailies locled with a radio…

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Used to be 7 shirts or gloves per map in the old gear maps, now its 1 per map. You haven’t kept it the same at all.

Also - even if you had kept it the same with just lowered wave counts - it still means you haven’t updated the weekly roadmap economy since the early 5 star or even 4 star days despite 3 to4 years of players asking for this.

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