Discussion Topic: Treasure Hunt: The Sequel

Let us know your thoughts!

The volume of convoluted events lately is hurting my brain.


Can’t we just go back to the days of logging in and getting a reward on the monthly login calendar. These events are so confusing anymore.


Great stuff… an other event to go along with the 500 other running and taking up more scrolling through black hole market and offers to make sure don’t miss owt.

I can’t recall What exactly the last treasure hunt was? Was it any good?

Edit: understand we have choice not to participate in events but let’s be honest if active anyways most are gonna take part. Would be nice for few less running at same time or if going to do multiple keep then all simple and straight forwards… do this to get that or chance at something… not get this to trade for that to do that to trade for that to collect this to use on that to get from there


Do the designers of these events get a bonus for every convoluted layer they add to these events?


All I can remember about the last one is that I think I just ran the daily free roadmaps and collected from a stash. But, theres been so many events I can’t be sure.


Wasn’t the laat treasure hunt the one with the old double specialist toons in the stash. Axel, Roxie and Michonne? Vague memories lol

I briefly did the math… can’t get Trader cards without spending. If other rewards are decent, I’ll use my rubies. If not, I’ll save them for next Treasure Hunt event.

Didn’t know saving any event currency was an option. Thought it all goes away after the event.


The kendamas have repeated a few times

1st T.H. event

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They usually go away, unless they repeat a specific event.

Like Moog said, kendamas have carried over from previous events before, treasure hunt events should now carry over given that they have chosen to repeat this event. (Until they don’t repeat it)

Bad and boring as the first one :sleeping:




Since you guys like brining back events lately, we want pathways 2. Take it to the team please


And you kept kendamas between events? I mean I don’t see any leftover umbrellas in my inventory.

Yeah had a few left over

There wasn’t an umbrella event before, or at least there wasn’t one set-up in the same way as this event.

Eg: kendama events all had one consistent component. Collect kendamas from daily roadmaps, use to open a roadmap.

I dunno if I’ll deliberately save rubies or whatever in case of a future event that utilises them, but it is an option.

Right so in essence, the first time the event was run it should have disappeared but then every time after that it should stay? I’m just saying I don’t see umbrellas in my inventory.