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Pathways was such a great rewarding event best I have completed since I started playing why can’t wee get another like that. :relieved:


I don’t know what fragments are available, can you help me?

I get most of my food from the gear markers section of the shop.

Me too but I’m running out of gear to sell for markers. I very rarely get the You Got Lucky mission (maybe one a week if I’m lucky) so levelling S-Class takes a huge amount of food :unamused:

Couldn’t care less about this event. Totally not worth it.

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Pathways >>>>>>>> The Whisperer

I’d rather level up my 6* and S-Class toons than waste my precious trainers/2* toons, food and gears to worthless 4* toons.

the event immediately seemed to me something on which it was not worth wasting time and resources.

I totally forgot about the event but with my usual level-up rhythm I’ve obtained 3,000 masks and as a result 6,000 armory tokens, 100 torches and 10 Benedicts.

not bad but nothing special; I consider it just as an extra free bonus

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