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can you let us know now what shards are available?


Guess I have to find a 4 and 5* to level up

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you telling me you dont have basic tokens?

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Are the 2.1 million achievments tracked across different level ups or will they need to be each in a single lv up

Level ups are damn near impossible now besides YGL and we know that can disappear for 2 weeks at a time! Gear, trainers are being completely locked as you want us to pay for them. I’m low on even common gear like school bags, let alone gear needed for s class and you want us to level up 4* toons?! Waste of gear, food, survivors, etc. The only toons people should be putting anything into is s class, a 6* or 5* that can become an s class or toons like doc, Alice, Diego, etc are still good. Thanks for keeping gear locked up tight, getting rid of Ben, lilths and Ulysses in almost all tournaments, running level up after level up non stop draining us of everything and then making an event based on leveling up. Your trolling is on another level scopely and you should feel blessed for the players you have cause we take beating after beating and still pay you, count your blessings cause they might not always be there. End rant!


I have one question: how much in total to „win” all?

Serious 2.1 million in level up 5 turns? Its joke ,its very hard for f2p we no have lot of gear or trainer,SCOPELY.


Erm…what trainers?

Also it’s ridiculous that you expect us to waste resources levelling unusable 4 and 5*s. Especially when this is all linked to level ups. Levelling 4s gives a miniscule amount of level up points while wasting food and fodder.

Honestly Scopely try playing your own game before you design events.


5x 2.1M in 1 month is feasible, just a matter of cooking as much 2* as possible

5* from basic tokens, gear from mon-tues roadmap and it can be done

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You need a total of 15x level ups for 4* to get 800 masks, the big deal is the 2.1M x 5


Ok I must have missed that part.

I agree that 2.1m is ridiculous for a lot of players given the shortage of gear and trainers. Also I’m running out of stuff to sell for food :unamused:


One word … “RIDICULOUS” !!

I saved a lot of stuff from Marlon event and claimed every gear from this current Aaron event. Not to mention the big amount of 5* I have saved (but almost of you don’t value too much) who can be easy leveled with 2* survivors.

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You don’t need to use only trainers to level toons. Using 2* survivors to level 5* fighters give a large amount of points.

“Put those trainers to good use”…

Ummm what trainers?? Have you guys not been listening to us about the severe trainer shortage and gear shortage??

So now we are expected to pointlessly level up 4 and 5 star toons, waste precious gear on said toons in order to obtain a few scraps here and there??

The team have lost their mind @WalkerTexasRanger


Gear and trainers,only 2 star you dont get 2.1 in every level up 5 turns.

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Gear are vanish and trainers are gone ,2 star you cant get 2.1 m in one level up and 5 its crazy this event is resume in only one word: for whales.

Whales Capture _2020-03-17-17-20-35 another event for us.


I’ve played the game a long time, I do know how to level up. I mention trainers because the blog post specifically says “put those trainers to good use”.

Plus hitting that 2.1m milestone several times in a row would be much easier if we did have some.