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Agreed. But i have noticed since they changed it to 100 opens instead of 10 I’m now getting less 5* per 100.
Sometimes not even one :unamused:


This is completely expected, because the probability is 1.7 % for a 5*. Using the binomial distribution, this works out to 18% of 100-pulls having no 5*. It was that before the switch to 100 as well, you probably just didn’t notice it.

@sinned 12 5* out of 400 basic tokens is exceptionally good, you would expect about 7 in 400 pulls in the long run, and have a 98% chance to get 12 or less so more is extremely unlikely.

@Lostboy1 Sure you can do that, but then you also have to claim all the 3* and 4*, which can be annoying if you would rather use your 2* or trainers to level them at a particular point in time. 5* tokens are optimal if you just want 5*, and allow you to save your basic tokens for when they will be most useful/cause the least problems.

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Yeah 3 and 4 are LU fodder as well

I bet you peeps have quiet a few 5* toons sitting at level 50, just get rid of them there useless to you now

I like that theres not much effort to get the ftp side of prizes for this event. This is good, because the prizes don’t warrant much effort.

So the event is fine imo, not exciting, something ill forget about in like 2 weeks.

Lol that is true. At least it’s genuine when I say it. I just find all of this hilarious nowadays

So, now we have whiskey bottles to go along with last week’s cigarettes and still no update to the ESRB rating? I’m guessing we’ll get collectables for a burnt spoon and contaminated needle event next month?


If you click on the whiskey bottle it tells you this. I see no Epic Bob in the museum and no whiskey bottles in Supply depot. What’s up with this Scopely?

This has been posted many times maybe you should read the other post

Thank you and I did.

@WalkerTexasRanger please sell five stars negan limited edition in this saviors event.

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