Discussion Topic: S-Class Tanya

Let us know your thoughts here.

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The more traders I don’t face, the better




Revive every turn is overkill. What will scopely think of next? :upside_down_face:

I’m still surprised they haven’t released a toon with a leader skill that states something along the lines of, “Automatically win at the start of the battle”. :smirk:


Next toon have the rush can revive decapted toons.


Interesting, but far from “game breaking”. Simply control or mark as first toon to kill, same as with all medics/revivers

If she was a “Resilient” specialist like Trader, it would be a whole different story, but outlast is nowhere as much of a problem, rather a minor inconvenience that most S-class teams can navigate around.

If (by some strange twist of fate) I would get my hands on 2k cards, I’d keep her for old school arena, she’d definitely rock there


What Scopely employee was she designed off of? She’s kind of milfy :grinning:


I mean… Arrav can AR 1-2 times every turn… it’s not a new precedent.

this pepe represents all the buT hurt people


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Ive been testing on defense and so fat im pretty happy with her even though she is still low level.

How do you guys find her so far? What teams are u using her for?

I only have her 6* and I’m no even sure how I’d use her on defense. Possibly trader, Shane, Pete. Frost, shiva? @Numba1stunna. I’m sure she’d be useful on a Jackie team but I don’t have Jackie atm.

I think she looks like Ernest

Is she worth pulling for or should I save my coins??

Depends, how many coins you have? If less than 100k, probably not. The 6* only gains 50% AR, so really only s class worth it.

Personally I’m waiting for the ‘cheese stands alone’ toon who wins you the game if they are the only toon alive (on your side, obvs). 50k health/def double outlast and 100% resist. Their AS on t1 deals 100k maim, 100k dmg and 10k poison for 1 turn

That’s trader. I have had trader 1 vs five me before

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Interesting view… not a look of a milf that springs to my mind

She favors a more mature sara jay if that makes sense lol

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