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P2p should be happy with this


nice. is there any update on the kenny situation? Mah from DAR is really in need of a birthday gift.

Thank you.


Ok but that promo photo of Rosita licking that bloodied knife is disturbing, isn’t that unhygenic or some shit?


Day 3 of waiting for S class Kenny.

The tide gets bigger,
Cuz i got a crazy beard
I need S-Kenny in my life
He’s the one that can make it right


Hepatitis Z… zomb-aides… not to mention probably a yeast infection from those shorts… that’s not the behaviours of someone destined to survive long.


Another toon very good for whales and for f2p take aron,aafff

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Nice. Its nice to have s class paybacks and bides!

Next sclass after this should be a red/yellow version of mercer. Maybe 1 turn confuse all leader skill


But it’s so sexy!

Infection-laced blood is really the best! :trolleybus:

In all fairness, Scopely should have released her during No Nut November. THIS would provide a challenge to participants.

Seems kinda weak. Can you add “Team recovers from Exhaust and 4 teammates gain +80 AP” to her active skill and adrenaline rush?

Then she might be worth using.

I don’t think anybody enjoys dropping the amount of money they do for these toons BUT alas, if you want to stay competitive you have little to no choice.

Bide and payback already wow. Incoming reset prob even before the leaves start to fall at this rate. Churn and burn I guess. Doesnt matter to me anyway I’m burning my cans off to help my faction then going to die in a corner. This trash has taken up enough of my life with bascially nothing to show for it. Never gonna download a mobile game ever again and will badmouth scopely to every person that asks. Whales should be happy we f2p were starting to smack them around lately so guess it’s time to make them invincible with thier credit cards max limit. But don’t worry whales will say its strategy lmao like its rocket science to stick the newest promos in a team


Yeah I didn’t like that either, it is unnecessary and in poor taste.

w h a t

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I’m sick and freaking tired of these crazy sclass coming out. You think you got it licked then here comes 3 other pay to win s class with f2p grasping at air. What about helping us use hold bricks as turn ins on a class shards of you aren’t going to produce another toon it’ll take us 40 years to level up? Huh? Or something! Iva doesn’t count bc she’s league tokens and leagues should have it’s own rewards. I’m not being unreasonable! Shiva? The gentleman? Now sclass bide Rosita? Gee , glad they got Angel and James to work with. I mean come on. Some of the most dedicated players I’ve seen don’t have alot of money to blow and to bring these out knowing coronavirus is sweeping our country and alot of is are holding into what money we do got. It feels wrong to see this. But as far as the schedule and stuff, your doing things right! Loved blitz and onslaught are back in! Thanks. Just frustrated cause I just got my priya sclass and now she’s already almost irrelevant. Kills me. Okay thanks! I know I’m a grouchy old lady. But hey I don’t feel that it’s right to tempt ppl in a crisis. That’s what bugs me most.


Lol. You are such a troll

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