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Let us know your thoughts here.

Well 1200% damage is obviously too low . Since it’s not gonna kill .
All S class should be revised again to determine how much damage they do in their rushes.
Anything below 1500 won’t kill .
Not to mention that the meta are Ranged so …
She’s not gonna hit that much .

Do you know what can make her awesome . If you just split that 1200 damage to two normal attaque of 600 .
That will make sense since she’s a guardian 2 .

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Why would they do that…it would suck? Her rush is not affected by reflect so its golden.

She’ll suck and die of reflect if they change it to double attacks :hugs:

that hat says only 1 thing.



You missed this opportunity to give this new Michonne the new Camoflauge

Bad bad ba-wait a sec who am i even talking to? Might as well be the wind

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With four pulls and good RNG, my shiny new 6* Michonne (with a sidekick) counters all the whale Jacki teams.

Would love if a content creator would interview some of those whales (I propose calling them cows, short for cash cows, but that’s a new threads) as to their thoughts on how their three grand defenses just got rendered obsolete not three months after Jacki’s release :))))


I think the art work is weird (at best - shocking cultural appropriation at worst) … This is not the Michonne we know from the comics, Yes she has an oriental vibe because she carries and uses a Samurai Katana, but that is where it ends, this is visually a strange design in my opinion.

As far as her kit goes, a Jackie counter is useful, but I dont really see that many Jackie’s around, I agree here with @Alexanaxela Michonne should be the S Class Camouflage toon, in the comics she is the expert at moving around walkers, it makes sense that she should have camo, as that links her back to the source material.


Agree with everything you said, except for there not being many Jackies around. As an FTP at WoC, life sucked.

But now I’m laughing my ass off. Scopely really has mastered the art of abusing that select group of players for literally thousands every couple of months.

Any other sort of product, the CEO would have been toasted over a spit by now.


Boycotting all these “Discussion” threads until I see Scopely staff replying on them. I’d advise others to the same.

Were getting to many “we made these changes after hearing your feedback”. Not once has anybody mentioned bleeding towers yet were told this change was our idea.

If Scopely want to say they are making changes we suggest, then do not suggest, discuss anything until we see they are listening!

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