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What are your thoughts?

Besides his leader skill, he is just meh at the most, he is a mix of prya and lilly. Rick will be his best friend and Blue characters are dominating the game and I dont think he will be that great of for Strongs since it’s not much Strongs around to be use at this point, it will still prevail Blue supremacy.

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When it comes to Blues he is very similar to Lilly.
Lead skill the same. Unfortunately he won’t be helping Aarav or Hengyen and there aren’t many greens that can step into their shoes (most don’t have Alpha currently). Lilly wins on lead skill due to being able to buff yellows.
His AS is interesting because whilst Lilly’s -50%def will in the vast majority of circumstances be better than his +75% attack, he gives it to 2 others as well which is very good, whilst Lilly’s debuffs 2 not 3. Lilly does however give temporary decap with the -100% heal reduction and also gains 35%ap. All in all I’d usually prefer Lilly’s AS.
His AR is far superior to Lilly’s imo. And I’m a big fan of Lilly’s AR. 750% damage on a toon that can give itself +75% attack is fantastic, and impair and daze means if anyone survives they can basically do nothing until they have recovered from these debuffs. The attack down resistance seems odd until you consider Trader.
Trader is dangerous on defence because of his taunt on AR and because of his AS infecting every turn, daze and impair counters these (albeit only half the time against Trader), the fact he is blue with a high damage line AR (for Traders behind a Frost) that can be buffed with 75% att clearly shows he is intended as a Trader counter, and in that regard he has been well thought out imo.
Short of releasing a toon with infection cleanse Turn 1 initial and 0 turn cool down as their AS, that would have created complete rage within much of the playerbase who have spent on Trader, they have done a pretty decent job in considering a counter toon. I think they’ve realised that they have heavily unbalanced any semblance of actual balance in the game with the release of Trader.


He’s not what we’ve been expecting.
At least what I was expecting.
I was hoping for a real heavy damage dealer to be a direct counter to trader .
But at 750% damage and with less than 5k att points I don’t think he’ll be able to take trader down
Princess obviously hit better than him and so is Priya

If he had a 1200 to a line of enemies or a 6k attack points peoples may consider pull for him . But at his current status no one will do cause players obviously wants a toon able to take down Trader in an easy way

He has T2 +75% attack. That means turn 1 he can attack then be given the rest of his ap by a rushing doc. Then turn 2 he can activate his AS then be commanded by the command for a 175% AR attack (689% attack when considering +50% lead skill, centre toon so +15%^4 and +50% weapon), 689% attack (not including mods) and 750% damage. That would take Trader out even if it then wasn’t doubled due to trait.

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The subdued response to Marcus is quite interesting. Guess everyone was expecting something much more spectacular

I love how you do your math thing . But a well moded trader will easily take that and survive to rush next turn

My only feedback to Marcus is his Promo artwork. Is it just me, or does he look constipated?

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