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What are your thoughts?

Can you please clarify how Lee’s active will be applied? Only specialists can be normalized, so will the skill target specialists (if at least two in the team), or would it be applied randomly (potentially wasting the resistance on a leader)?


Perfect example of power creep. But i could be wrong definitely moving too fast imo.

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It’s great to see a telltale toon once in a while especially the main characters in the story

I don’t think it will be applied to the team leader . And if it is .it must be fixed that’s it .
It should go to the ones that can benefit from it like ever other bonus on the game

Yes, that’s the idea. But the toons also get focus, that every toon can benefit from - hence the request for clarification… @WalkerTexasRanger

Ops , didn’t see the focus.
In that case it’s completely random bro



This is actually a great question I didn’t think about when I first saw his kit… :thinking:

There’s a 87.65% chance it’s random mang

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You guys know there is Glitch, right? I hope it will get fixed before war

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No. Enlighten us.

Even if you remove Lee’s Immune Normalize, they still resist Normalize.

Like for example, Clementaine’s rush Removes all positive effects from Enemies.
It also removes Lee’s Normalize Immune as well.

So, After you use Clem’s rush on enemy leader toon, you can see all enemy’s positive effects are gone. And you can see Icon of Normalize Immune also Disappears after Clem’s rush (if you test it ofc).

But Enemys still resist it.

I’ve tested few more times after that, did even used Normalize in next turns as well. and other peeps in my faction also tested it. But Enemies still resist Normalize while they don’t have Normalize Immune…

I’m gonna assume the obvious that it wasn’t traders that resisted it… hence, have you logged it as a bug?

Vintage Scopely. Release a broken character before war and take ages to fix it.

Luckily they’ll fix it in the next update. Just like they did with double bodyguard Shane when they would cancel all damage received.


Ofc it wasn’t trader… lmao. And yes, we reported it. Hope it will get fixed before war

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As for the character itself, I find him good. He’s not freakishly OP nor is he trash.

His usefulness revolves around the other characters you have on your team and directly correlates to how much you have spent in the game (in some odd cases, how lucky you are).

If you have Tanya, Trader, Mr. Liu, Shane, etc. He can end Princess’ reign of terror. Until Scopes releases a turn 1 Normalize (which is probably in the works), Lee will stall some p2p players and a vast majority of f2p.

So, the way I see it, this is a character designed specifically for spenders. On the long term he may be useful for f2p as more specialists get released. But by then who knows how useful he will be.

The negative thing that sticks out the most is the RNG surrounding his active. But depending on how you build your team, this can be a non issue. But in most cases the RNG will make or break a raid (just like everything in this game, for some reason).


So what are u guys putting on lees weapon?

I cant decide for slot 2. Huge ap on atk or on taking danage?

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