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Discuss here all your region transfer suggestions.

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Well my comment is more of a question then a sugggestion. Will we be able to transfer from wave 2 to wave 1 and then be able to return to wave 2? Or will the same restrictions apply?

As the blog states:

“Following War of Champions 3, all waves will have the opportunity to transfer among or above their current wave (similar to post-WoC 2 transfers)”


Let’s get tiered waves in with increasing prize structures so all levels of factions can share regions and tourneys with other factions they can compete best with. Lots of cents and pennies being lost in Wave 1 by lower facs who could never compete with the best. But with likewise factions…


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War of champions its only for whalles in region 1A and the rest of regions are forgoten by scopely .
For scopely have only one region its 1A, no have war of champions for others regions .

Create war of champions for lower fac or increase the prizes,every good war event its only for 1A ,make good war for the rest of players.


So those of us that got stuck in wave 1 when you guys defined the waves are still stuck I guess.
I don’t really understand this lockdown of certain people? Who is it you are trying to please since everyone else is allowed to move?

I just don’t get it :disappointed:


Why not open the wave 3… after all of the problems that happened, it was a small proof of goodwill. Lots of players were prejudice.

I don’t like this idea, just open all regions and let free transfer through regions, that way no one feel they’re forced to play where they don’t want, keep the structure of wave 1 a and b, with a regions keep hosting top tournaments, keeping same rewards for all regions

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No, why?

Then I want to play on the baby league, just like I try to get demoted to platinum every week.

only 1A regions have woc the rest of regions are forgotem

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