Discussion Topic: Old School Walker Hordes

Let us know your thoughts.

Hordes are cool I always liked them.

Holpefully they are better Now

(pick unrelated just wanted to flex my Kenny lol)


They made it old school since they never took the time to revamp it for S class. Go figure. Rewards are still :poop:


■■■■■■■ finally!

After a while year has passed, it’s nice to see hordes back!

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180 Rick Cards, woohoo! :expressionless:

After such a long break from the feature, this isn’t exactly going to make people excited for it.

At least the 5 star limit is a good move.

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This might not reward well but its gonna be fun as duck

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The time and effort put into this compared to the rewards is like an unexpected punch in the belly when your bladder is full.

Sure, old school theme sounds groovy but again it’s just an epic grind (epic because if you want to reach all milestones) for small rewards. Not sure what’s so difficult to slightly increase the amount of cards in the choice boxes.


People have like 500 cans because of league so just like raids the rewards get nerfed same mentality

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Not with this team it won’t.

Yumiko crits everytime ivy has 50 crit for 3 turns just cus their tier one doesn’t mean they wont crit… walkers probably gonna one shot anyway I am gonna have a lot of fun

Yeah it’s crazy… 1.8% of a character. Sometimes I’ve just got to shake my head as I’m wondering what they are thinking.

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I thought it wasn’t going to be terrible until I saw you get no rewards beyond rank 15.

Spenders will get the top ranks so where is the incentive for the rest of us when you get nothing? The milestones aren’t even good to make up for it.


They know very well what they do with such tactics. It’s simple, every company will do similar things when they realize that their consumers / customers will still accept and continue using their product no matter how much they decrease its effort to keep customers happy or satisfied.

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I have this debate regularly with Apple worshipers. :joy:


Pu came and went what other option is their stop playing? Go ahead

Old school including weapons? It’s bullshit if that’s bit included

It doesn’t mention weapons, only characters.

Im really pleased they have gone with the old school theme, its the only way it will work, I think that they should have gone 6 star old school, but 5 stars is fine, I am really looking forward to seeing how this plays out - and finally making a dent in my horde can mountain.

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Took you guys a year and your solution to bring back hordes was restrict it to 5*. News flash since you push out these super rare shinies at 2 or 3 amonth no one uses 5* anymore. So fuckin dumb smh

Why 5* and not 6*? U ever heard about balance?

Scopely only has 2 mentalities either they nerf the shit out of something or just make something too op