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Why not pin the post so ppl don’t have to search for it, @WalkerTexasRanger?

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It’s minimal effort for a company that doesn’t like to interact with its own customers

Shiny new toy for Whales I see.

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Its okay. Not OP

Golf clap for the artist/designer. Love his design

U keep saying it’s OK till u find urself can’t beat any team lol

I think scopely should take a break with new releases,there is enough toons to keep the community grinding for cards for the rest of the year! I bet a lot of players still collecting older toons and the current ones available…now scopely keep releasing toons that will be obsolete by the time most players can get them…


They do at least 2 new releases a month, 24 in a year…how many toons you think will go for it, if any collection can take forever to complete without spending a fortune!!! So I don’t really care for some of this new toons, if they are too op they nerf them with the next toon,and some other toons are just good for that moment and in 2 or 3 months it gets outdated…whatever toon release to the community should be a toon that can hold value not just space in the roster.

Glad normalise exists

Buy payback when its not triggered? He will camouflage so his payback will only trigger when he is selecte himself. Not when pryia hits him secondaire with rampage or when bèta target another toon. So why payback then?

Use another persective on camo and payback on him:

  • You can’t rush diectly on him because of payback
  • If he’s hit by indirect dmg (rampage, splash etc), he doesen’t take any damage
  • You can attack him only with basic attacks, where his weapon cuts the dmg into half
  • Only bleed, burn, infection etc. will hurt him seriously if you apply enough of it
  • And if you don’t take him out on time, he could apply some serious bleed to your toons

He doesn’t add much to the team, but it will slow you down to take him out - perfect for an annoying defense.

He’s not invincible, but you will have to think about ways to take him out.


Its raulito 2.0,much bleed,OP in some stats and good skin,in overall F2P get this toon in 5 months and he are outdated at this time,and league toon are very bad but paid toons are overpowered very good scopely…very good.

A single mod/ weapon renders this guy useless, next

Which one is that?

Ehh that can be the same for most other characters then…

Mercer gets rendered useless from stun resist mod, since his whole kit is stun.
Trader gets rendered useless with any healing weapons

While healing weapons are becoming a more popular choice, because of Trader in general, I doubt anyone will run bleed resist mods when they can be running taunt/stun resist instead.

I scooped him up to escape having to use Raulito as a lead. I get to control when he applies his bleed to all, which is especially helpful against Mercer leads who recover Bleed turn 1. I can now use a lead that gives attack and ap bonuses so I can actually cause some damage to these tanky toons. AND now it doesn’t take me the entire allotted time to win a match!

I LOVE the camouflage active. On a payback toon, not so much. I was hoping to use him to stop line killers, but he selfishly saves himself unless he was specifically targeted. Because he does it turn 1 and it lasts for 4 turns, I can’t seem to make him fit on my def team right now. Plus his rush doesn’t pop quick since he uses his active turn 1. AP boost would have been nice. Switching the defense boost from his rush to his active skill would have been phenomenal. Otherwise he’s only contributing bleed damage that can be recovered fairly quickly with a good chunk of the toons used in rotation currently.

As a payback toon, he’s not working for me. At T4, he’s not wiping enemies off the map when he’s rushed. However, that could probably be said by any Sclass payback idk. I need folks like Araav and Priya stopped before they get my reviver. Him as a Bloodthirst would have been SPECTACULAR and a seemingly better fit imo.

Overall, he will be actively used on my attack team. My team is already performing substantially better. However, I have regrets on my purchase because I feel like his specialist skill, rush, and active skill do not mesh perfectly together, and I spent a lot (ugly cry). Someone with better team building skills, mods, and weapons could make him into a beast, but I just reallly wish he was Bloodthirst and his def boost was in his active.

And hats off to the Artist! Absolutely killing it.

He’s not useless because of stun resist mods as well. You can still roll the character getting stunned even with stun resist. What makes him pseudo-useless is the fact Axel resists 100%. Not arguing, I agree on your point

Can you Turn 1 a team of 5 Mr. Liu???