Discussion Topic: Limited Time Double Drops

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Day 3 of waiting for S class Kenny.

The tide gets bigger,
Cuz i got a crazy beard
I need S-Kenny in my life
He’s the one that can make it right

(Making the msg across,
You can help by mentioning the need for an s class Kenny)


Scopely going all in on Rosita

tenor (9)


Oh my God
not 0.2% and 0.4%
as much as 0.4% and 0.8%
It is very cool
thanks for such generosity


Past years have clearly shown their premium toon / character wheels have rigged odds. Don’t believe anything regarding changing outcomes in our favor. #BucketLifeIsReal


You all miss the main point: “We had released payback, bide, had doubled your chances! What else to you need to pull?!”

Make it rain make it rain…

this image resume all.


In others game double chances are 5% to 10% to get legendary or premium toon but in twd its 0.1 to 0.2%.


I’m sorry but this seems like a pile of rubbish. The 100 toon at guarantee was brought in to replace your wonky 40 pulls guarantee that didn’t work. So you’re now saying that instead of being able to work towards at least part of a new toon, I won’t even be able to guarantee the 5* to start ascending, but I’ll get 200/10,000 of an older toon.

Seriously? Everyone else needs to question this.


First time out will still have the 100 pull 5* guarantee. After the first go round you will get 200 cards of that toon per 20 pull, no more 100 pull guarantee.

Under the old system, 100 pulls gets you a 5* which has a value of 2000 collectibles. Now, after the initial promo run, you get 200 collectibles every 20 pulls. So 100 pulls gets you 1000 collectibles.

There are pros and cons to this. If you already have 2 of the toon, getting another 5* is probably less valuable than getting the equivalent amount of collectibles for most (I would assume, unless they really want 2 S Class) so the new way will get you the collectibles, but at half the value.

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Obviously not enough people were biting at the new releases, so they “fixed” it, nevermind the probability people weren’t biting because the toons haven’t been that great.


but with a limit of 6 lots of 200 cards, so up to 120 pulls you would get 1200


Not everyone has the coins for the first pull. No point having recycled wheels if you’re not guaranteed the « top » prize at all.

It’s a very cynical move by scopely.


Recruits wheel will be doubled, giving you a greater chance of claiming it with each pull.

So, are you saying an individual pull chance increases with each pull? Because I’ve been told ad nauseam that it’s completely random.

@WalkerTexasRanger should clear that up because that’s some misleading info.

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I think there’s something wrong with the whole title and msg of the article post…
“Since we here at Scopely screw up everything in our games, the player base has started to decline causing revenue to drop drastically. So we’re going to increase the odds of pulling from a ridiculous 0.2% (which really means nothing) to a WHOPPING 0.4%! So we really need you sheeple to start opening your bank accounts so we at Scopely can go purchase a boatload of toilet paper and Monster energy drinks due to the epidemic.”

Yeah that was it. Fixed it for you buddy…



Am I… Am i reading this right? They doubled a ~0.02% chance to ~0.04% chance and on returning wheels are going to give you 1,000 collectables for 100 spins instead of the 5* version which was equivalent to 2,000 collectables? Did I misread somewhere?


Yep… and don’t forget about the limit of 6…