Discussion Topic: Kingdom Come

Let us know your thoughts here.

I liked the last towers 5 and all the same, these towers look terrible, just imo :hugs:


Seems very promising! Cant wait for it to start!

Nice towers ,400K milestones addition is much appreciated hope we see more added after that , liking the 30 minutes wars too so far all good keep it up :+1:

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same matchups are zzzzz, maybe @TayTron can give me one of those backdoor transfers so i “can be challenged in a different war environment”

The company is too lazy to help people locked out for weeks on end, too lazy to switch matchups yet can transfer those who ask the right person privately in an instant


Reminds me of the real world lol. It’s all about who you know.

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It’s disappointing that mercenaries are still not being introduced. For a weekend crw they would have been really useful.


400k for 1a regions only… 8v8 1a only… what about us in wave 2 and 3 ?

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I understand your point of view but probably they’re making it 1A exclusive to Promote moving to 1A from other waves

Bummed mercs arent in this one. I like these towers a lot more than the 5 bleed towers. Wondering if we will see a mix of maps and towers within one war. That would be cool.

Why?? It totaly made sense. 8vs8 your average Points each war is higher bc you face 2 more Teams then 6vs6! And that’s a good thing. 6vs6 give them 400k ms and what about the other faction Mates that not even reach 100 or 150k ms while you sitting in queue on every war to get from 150k ms to 400k ms. Let’s be fair!!


The Mercs are totaly crap anyway. Just giving Points away Quick and easy

I get that but it takes us a while to que even 6v6 and it’s a chance to earn points for those playing.

My region is super dead.


Im not region 1a so I can’t see from your points of view but from what I understand its dumb but hey idk :woozy_face:

If you want the perks then moved to 1A. It is nice to see that we are getting a little bit extra for being the Premier wave


Why same matchups again??? Zzz also are we finally going to match our region?

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Its gonna be a gorgeous weekend. Go outside.


150k to 400k its very hagh for nothing,the 400k prizes are very bad and no have sense,and why dont put more milestones for 2 and 3 regions ?put 200k or put more milestone in 0 to 150k.

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Lol I’m not transfering to 1a for benefits, every wave should get benefits not just their “premier” wave

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Ya, these towers suck. There shouldn’t be towers both effecting while attacking and defending in only one. Last war, towers were fun. It had a nice little bonus if you get, had some chances to farm considering they were a lot, nothing to lose if you missed but these, be screwed if you don’t get them logic is super annoying