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After I exchanged some Jacks and Queens for Aces yesterday (thinking no update will ever come since it has rarely happened and its the only route I could go for to get aces), there comes the update. Smh. Now I need Jacks and Queens. Wish there was an exchange also. Kings for Jacks and Queens.


same here… i have spent many coins on decks and many hours farming cards RM. They should have removed 10 spades from dropping in Decks RM and just have j,q,A to drop and the drop rates are abysmal in cards rm…

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Should’ve been able to exchange 10 of :spades:’s for :spades:’s also

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Drop chane of “J” and “Q” are two low i have succesfully complete ACES 10 and K but need to doule J and Q please make them avaliable in black market to be tradeable for K or 10 or even ACES, i have multiple drops of 10 almost never got J or Q, make this possible before events ends.

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