Discussion Topic: House of Cards - Black Market Shop Update

Let us know what you think of the announced House of Cards Black Market Shop update here!


Could you guys have told us you were working on this sooner? I already used a lot of my lungs on Epic Tokens, assuming nothing extra would come.


I’m happy we get a trade in for the extra cards. That gives another way to get aces as well as trainers. Glad to see Scopley listening to players feedback.


This indeed is welcome news…

@TayTron could we possibly get some extra venue obtaining jacks and queens?



This new update is not good, need more Jack and Queens!


Farm cards rm for jacks and queens


I personally think it’s a great update. I was struggling with getting the aces I needed and this will help ensure I can get the toon at very least! I get people used pulls on other items already, but I learned from the “we will never use rotting heads ever again” and then you used them again after I wasted a bunch of crates on war pulls. I typically save my pulls towards the end of the event for situations just like this. Great call giving players another way to get more aces!


I like this update, Im sure most players could use extra aces!!


maybe an exange of shards, no?

Thumbs up.

Main feedback about black market is:

  1. Too many kings
  2. Not enough ways to get aces
  3. Not enough Jacks and queens

You respond to 1 & 2 but you completely ignore jacks and queen’s concerns.


Oh well I already use 250 kings for gear tokens thinking that king would be obsolete!! Now I could get 50 Aces with the same amount of kings !! Aces are very hard to get,limited only to top rewards or rarely drops on deck map, so thanks for adding other trades to use kings, and its true don’t forget about Jacks and Queens too , if not in trade maybe allowed map to respond every 8 hours instead 12 hours ,this way would help us to increase amounts of Jacks and Queens.

There’s enough Jacks and Queens (225 guaranteed and with lucky drops cca 300-330 possible), if you never miss out on the daily maps.

Shouldn’t have exchanged them for Aces…


When is this update supposed to go live?

Noon-time PDT, that’s 9pm CET or 9 and 1/2 hours from now


perfect, thanks!

This is a welcome update, appreciate you listening to feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think its great that you react to our feedback and offer some adjustments not just for some future event but during the event itself. Im sure many ppl will be happy about this. I honestly see a lot of improvement these days!! Keep up the good work. Q and J droprates could be still a little better, but im actually satisfied even with just the update.


I’m still struggling in a way for Jacks and Queens, ok I have 160 ish of each but I really really wanted that 300 crate😂


I guess I was hoping the exchange rate would be a little better but something’s better than nothing