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Not really - red velvet cakes dropped in events, this one will always cost you 2.2k coins. Their value is also significantly dilluted (first 100 pulls to get 170 diamonds replaces the guaranteed 5* after 100 pulls) and strictly limited to new promos only…

But a successful FTP can do the 10x pull once in a blue moon and grind up the tokens over 3 years to make use of them :slight_smile:

I really don’t see it they putting recently released toons for no kind of trade, whatsoever we still getting old card from rewards from all kinds of tournaments, beside wars that give us a wider selection of cards on crates but still we end up accumulating unnecessary cards so if you don’t want Dupes like me, I would like a fair trade for a different toon no necessarily the new releases.
Maybe they should add more choices for crate rewards during the week, so I dont need to debate if not going for or going to get cards that I already dont need ,in order to accumulate and eventually lose value…what a ripp off!!

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1:1 would make it so whales can buy first in every event . If someone already has that character, they’re less likely to care about placing first for the cards.

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This isn’t actually a bad change at all, I did a big pull but didn’t have any luck (thankfully they were tapjoy coins) but I did get the diamond tokens and enough of Shane’s cards that I could turn them in for more diamond tokens, the result being enough to pull the 5 star, almost the full 6. While I didn’t have the best result I was hoping to get lucky off the get go. Now I’ve got some diamond tokens stored to see if the next promo is worth trying for.


That’s called “Taking the bait”. You got “hooked” in, considering you’re now looking forward to the next promos. You’re now a reliable income to them :joy:

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very nice addition as it adds more value.
It helps Uberwhales by exchanging their excess cards…and if you are super lucky, you can save the guaranteed pull and turn it into trainers.

I am unsure if these tokens carry over to the next week. If yes, then this is a real value for everyone.

Do these tokens carry over to next week?

any word on whether or not diamond tokens carry on to next promo?? @TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger

They will never confirm that… Personally, I did the 10x pull just for kicks (not that enthusiastic about Shane) and to get two of the missions ticked off. Will keep the diamonds to see if this is indeed an improvement for F2Ps (if they manage to rack up coins [leagues, arenas, tapjoy] for an occasional 10x pull) or just another flashy gimmick for compulsive spenders.

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If I don’t use my current tokens during the wheel period, will it be gone or it will carry over to the next promo ?
Please @WalkerTexasRanger I need an answer as fast as possible .

You can use them on the next first-run promo. (The brand new promos that usually drop on Thursdays).


Thanks for the answer

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