Discussion Topic: Diamond Tokens

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when will this be active? will this be a joke like the summer event?


So presently we have cards ongoing collections… torches… flowers… battle pass/purple stuff… beach balls and umbrellas now diamonds… really simplifying things up.

All stuff hidden away behind tab tab tab in the black hole market

Edit: no matter it’s premium an for that read on I’m out


It’s just another desperate try by this company to milk the gullible and weak ones among us.


So is this in addition to the guaranteed 5 star you get after 100 pulls? Or this replacing that?

Just seems like its for uber whales, they happily buy anyway so what’s the point. But, need to see in action before really giving my opinion

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game is becoming more and more complicated and instead fun its actually giving me stress seriously


How about adding an exchange for excess sclass cards that have been sitting in our inventories for months now not just new sclass cards. I mean, really though? New feature after new feature, but not focusing on the things that need to be addressed. War wheel still hasnt been fixed.


Seems like a replacement, although of equivalence.

Normally 100 pulls get you the 5*, now 100 pulls get you 170 diamonds, which can be traded in for 5*. Only benefit now is that if you do pull more than 100 pulls, you may get enough diamonds to trade in for a 6* directly, rather than the 5*.

Also looks like diamonds might carry over to next promo, so if you end up getting the S-class in a pull, leftover cards can be used to trade in for diamonds and used in another promo

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Lol as I was reading that, all i saw was $$$ $$$ $$$. All they are doing now is trying to milk you in every turn. smh

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lets see how good is this thing.

this stuff can be carry over time? yes or no?

Serious in beach event you can only trade for this?


I like the way they start off by saying “for a limited time” yet no start time or end time or whether these diamonds will carry over…
Vague as usual… funny shit!

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The time for this event?its today?tomorrow?after week?

It’s a “guessing” game at this point

Agreed. Way too much shit going on

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Supposed to be way more items according to their blog post, but yeah thats all thats showing for me too

We get 20 new avenues to spend money before they even take a box off a wheel so we can enjoy basic game functions like a war wheel that doesn’t punch us in the groin


The game now are very exhausting,many events and low time to go in this events,scopely needs know the time to put and how time players need to spend to go in this events.

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We need 20 more events. Free rewards galore!