Discussion Topic: Curious Conundrum

Let us know your thoughts!

Still a bit confusing can you claim him straight as an S-Class or do you need to claim the 5* first like the doc Stevens event? If it like that would of preferred an event like Lilly’s as I am lacking gear.


Thought: can you let one event actually finish before starting 5 more? Thanks.
Would actually prefer a puzzle/riddle game where you had to actually solve/know something as opposed to the current model of requiring 8 hours of brainless play time a day just to keep up.


Already bored with the fact we gonna be forced to get unwanted crap Eugene cards on stash :expressionless::expressionless:


We will need to claim his 5* versions to do the sub missions

Would of been nice if you would of posted Willie’s stats


Да вы блять заебали хуйню лепить. Пидрисня ебаная. Верните все обратно как было. Невозможно играть уже.


Looks fine. Another event another toon is good with me. Certainly better than no events.
But can we see his card?

Well to be honest a good event every month is cool .
However the announcement is incomplete we need a complete information about the event (Willie cards 5* , 6* and S class ) and the stash

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Instead of piling events on top of events on top events how about you run one and let it Finish then start another?!

Bc I’m sick and ■■■■■■■ tired of having waste hours working towards something only to find out at the last min it was for nothing.

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They’ve tried this in the past, it doesn’t really work as the solutions are usually posted within an hour. If you want to puzzle, it’s probably best to get a separate game for that.

That doesn’t really sound like a problem that occurs because of running multiple events at once.

Yeah no card means I can’t tell you wether it’s awesome or awful🤷🏼‍♂️

Could we get some sort of stats on him? We would like to know what he’s going to be able to do. @TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger

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You’re talking about a different event, look here:

But yes, you seem to essentially have it right, except that you can’t turn the stamps into more rubies, you can turn extra rubies into more stamps (at a worse rate than you get by doing the map). Rubies from the last Treasure Hunt event carried over to this one, so you could either grab a few pulls from that wheel (there’s also trainers on there) or just collect the rubies and see whether you can do something better with them if they ever run the event again in the future.

Oopsie! Too many events that i stopped paying attention to their names, thank you! Ahaha


Scopely one step foward ,five steps backs, and now we need again upgrade 5 and 6 star to get events toon,CONGRATULATIONS scopely everyone love the lilly event because get her in S class but now five step back and upgrade 5 and 6 star.

Actually, i see a major improvement here - those rubix cubes (should have been Rubik’s cubes, btw) will be dropping from side missions instead of stealing the middle row of the tourney rewards! Finally trainers from tourneys and the event being fully optional.


Yeah thank heaven for small mercies

I like how it says ‘Don’t worry, it won’t involve solving actual riddles or puzzles.’

Cos we dumb as fuck obviously.