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This offer at least should be equal SC: You buy one time for every region…

I’m sorry (genuinely) - I always took for a fact that the $ denominates US dollar. Same as ¥ denominates Japanese Yen, £ the Brittish Pound Sterling and € the Euro (my currency since 2009).
Googled it now and it seems that the $ stands for other currencies (dollars in other countries, completely unrelated to US), so I understand the objections now and will shut up on the matter :wink:

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It doesn’t affect me because my currency isn’t dollars so I assumed it would be slightly different. It’s just a simple thing they should be more careful of for people in countries that use non US dollars.

My “sorry” wasn’t aimed at you, but rather at @Bossbitch and any other affected player to whom I might look like an idiot for preaching on a subject that I had only an opinion, not facts :wink:

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Australian. Our currency is represented by “$ / dollars”.

Its stupid / poor advertisement.

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You get it !! :+1:

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Pourquoi faire espérer de gagner une clé battle pass dés la fin des missions gratuites NiV6 ?

C’est bien écrit : Finis les missions Cl. 6 / 7 gratuites et GAGNE une clé Pas. bat. prémium ?!

Yes, premium.

someone this unhappy with the game… yet still playing it?

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