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I thought we re gonna have a free s class character, or s class cards.

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Cool (7 char)

What’s in the box? I hope it’s pancakes. Or a ‘keep on surviving’ commemorative medal


Good but not too great like solange event or make one login event stash

This is just the login for August, not the actual Anniversary Event.

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It’s a

Overall this looks good though, better than most of the other anniversary gifts. I hope the event will be good too! :crossed_fingers:t2:




Oh yeah, I am happy with this! Thanks @WalkerTexasRanger this is actually a very nice little extra, thank you for sharing with us on here.

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Why do the food rewards go 2M, 1M then 3M? Also… why food?


I wonder why the mystery box isn’t last

I’ll take it, I have a need for most of this stuff. Thanks for being generous scopely.

Because that’s where the dart landed :wink:

Couple of minor requests ,

  1. Please put the food in a collection bag . Not everyone wants 2m/3m right away
  2. Maybe consider a choice box of gear instead of a single gear piece so players can choose which one they actually need

All reviews won’t be completed.
We can’t review the event with too little information.
If you can get us a preview of that S class Kenny we may have a good idea about what we are going to talk about

That’s the idea .
I’ll give you a box in 1 month from now and you don’t know what’s in it
And ask you do you like my gift ?
That’s what @WalkerTexasRanger is doing right now.

Come on man a little effort and bring us the full details .
We’re really excited about S class Kenny and want to see if we can hope for anything good

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They rather keep the mystery bcs it can’t be good otherwise they would be proudly talking about it.
I’m still disappoint with last F2p toons ; Glenn and Jason they only good for nothing and I’m afraid Kenny will be just another one …


Conveniently leave out Lilly why don’t you

I would have assumed they would do this anyway. Even with maxed out food storage you can’t hold 3m food.

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