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We will have a raid tourney while this is running correct?
If so just use it as an opportunity to place high

Well, everybody will be burning those cans, so placement won’t be affected…

Anyways, did a little experiment, since the last raid window grind fest seemed to favor drops on stage 2 vs stage 4, and this time around stage4 looks better - 70 crutches on average vs 64 crutches on stage2 (done on 25 repetitions each).
[EDIT: to satisfy my scientific curiosity, I also did 25 runs on stage3, got 67 on average. So, through a trend extrapolation can assume stage1 to give 60…]

With an average of some 20 stretchers per raid you’ll need 200 raids for all paws. Assuming 6 to 12 “free” raids per day, you will need some 20-27 cans to hit the paw marks, and should get 28k crutches.
If you want the bag, you’ll need another 20 cans - not really sure the 4k old cards and 100 Bradys are worth it unless you could use those to finish 2 S-class

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Great not terrible then do that most raid events anyway :laughing:

I would love it if the raid tourny this week showered us in raid can rewards. :eyes:

Yeah I easily burn 20 cans during an average raid tourney

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same and while war usually awards me a nice chunk of green cans, I somehow only pulled a few cans this war.

Only issue I’m having is looking at my Alt and thinking can i really be arsed to do it twice? :sweat_smile:

Hard grind for trash rewards

Hell nah I can’t run alts no more. One region keeps me more than busy

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Since the 2nd week I played (Lori log in event), I ran with 4 alt regions - two as pure log in and base build (with token participation in each event to get tourney rewards for the 250-1000 bucket) that I gave up in early 2019. Two that I played with a varying degree of earnestness, making smart choices, keeping a hard killing mini team, doing quite a good progress, until it started to consume too much of my time and I haven’t visited for 16 months now…

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Omg I know so many ppl lately this relates too. Made me smile thanks.

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Best event in a while. Helped me finish up on pete.

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