Discussion Topic: 4th of July Event

The torch roadmap mission dont work.

another event and more examples of stuff not working, login, roadmaps counters not functioning, 49 most hats obtainable and need 150 for max rewards! council questionnaire didn’t work properly, the war wheel still has not been updated, scavenger missions are obsolete except one or two, the armoury upgrade has turned a strategy game into a game of luck, war rewards are disproportionately poor for the effort, coins in leagues are still not as they should be, one thing after another, the litany of stuff that needs sorting just gets longer. Please hit the pause button and fix some of the above list before commencing anything new. many thanks


When I used the eagle token wheel my app crashed… another thing not working

What’s this? Stuff doesn’t work you say. That’s crazy knowing scipleys track record of flawless perfection when it comes to running events. I mean we all know their QA is second to none in the industry.



But last to everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve been saving torches to run (Double Pam XP farming) when they stop running high energy (20+) daily roadmaps. Go figure how long they are running those when I got 1k torches from events…

I will have enough in case they fix it, but am still outraged for each and every player who struggles to come by torches and now doesn’t even get credit for using them

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1ere chose Aucune validation de connection !!! J ai pas reçu celle du premier jours !!!

2 ème chose j ai fait le plan torches rien na ete comptabiliser dans les missions !

Comme toujours on ce fait bien arnaquer chez scopely ! Et avec classe tout de même !

Corriger vos bug !!!

Merci d envoyer les récompenses attendu pour l’évent

same here,

first login not counting…

Count the logins when you get login rewards - that’s the faction helper tokens and prestige crate… if you logged before event started, you’ll inly get the log in sparkle shortly before the end of the daily countdown.
Login for 6 days should be easy peasy for everyone, 7 days login only for those that will open the game 2 hours before the event ends (asians will suffer)

Edit: just got the daily prestige crate / fac helper tokens and along with it the 1st Sparkle

Yes I know this has nothing to do with the title.
Solo Raids is late starting. It should’ve started 48 minutes ago. @TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger

i ran torches roadmap on day 1 and 2 but it wasnt registered. Used 166 x 2 torches.

@C.J @Lostboy1 @YSpammer You should’ve known to save these. This is on you.

Just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I burned all of my 4* toon tokens a few weeks ago to use them for level up because what else are they good for? … Oh crap.

At least roadmaps have some 4* weapon tokens and you can get them from war crates too if you have any of those left (I think). Seems there’s no place currently to get the 4* character tokens except territories. No current roadmaps have them.

So grab all the weapon crafting territories and 4* character token territories and hold them for the next 7 days and maybe, just maybe you might reach that goal. Easy.


Not possible to reach the goal for 4* chars if you haven’t been hoarding. 4* weapons possibly doable, if Scopes wouldn’t have replaced all milestones with Kings (that will finally be exchangeable for Aces, btw).

But the point is, that a faction with 20 active daily players can get enough sparkles even without these 4* tokens missions

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Yeah it’s good that they seem to have made the over-all faction mission goal reasonable and you don’t need a full faction and everyone to complete 90% of the goals.

@WalkerTexasRanger props to Scopely for making the faction goals for the top mission actually achievable even by less hardcore factions!

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